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Aromatherapy is a natural holistic therapy, which combines the relaxing power of massage with the therapeutic properties of natural essential oils. It works on the mind and body together. The fragrance of the essential oils can have powerful effects on the emotions, while the oils' chemistry combined with the massage may help the body to relax as you experience the massage in my Wymondham, South Norfolk, based therapy room.  


How might Aromatherapy Massage help me?


You will experience a light to medium pressure relaxing massage for the senses using aromatic essential oils chosen specifically to suit your needs. This massage may support you as you live with:


•   Stress and anxiety disorders

•   Sleep disorders

•   Sinus disorders

•   Tension headaches

•   Muscular and joint disorders


The skin absorbs the essential oils enabling them to work within the body. The oils can be used in different ways such as in baths, inhalers and compresses. You will be given advice on how you could use the oils safely between massages.  Please note that aromatherapy is not a substitute for a qualified medical professional's advice.

In 2014 I gained a specialist qualiication in aromatherapy and cancer care and can now use this knowledge at my Wymondham based therapy room and as a volunteer therapist at Star Throwers cancer support charity.  


What will happen during my massage?


A full questionnaire will be completed when you arrive. We will discuss your general health and requirements to ensure the most suitable essential oils are chosen to meet your individual needs. If parropriate you will be asked to check with your medical professional before receiving massage.  You will get the chance to approve of the blends I suggest and we will work together until we find the one that is right for you. The blends may change with each massage, depending on your presenting conditions. You will NEVER be given a choice of 2 or 3 oils from pre-mixed bottles – true aromatherapists tailor a blend using pure essential oils just for you at each visit. This highly personalised blending takes time so you should allow up to 1.5 hours for the first consultation to give enough time to explore your requirements and background in depth. Subsequent visits will take a little more than an hour to allow us to discuss progress and find the right blend again.


After your consultation, you will be left alone to undress in privacy, down to your underwear. You will then lie on the therapy couch, covering yourself with a towel. During your massage ssession you will be fully covered with towels, with only the area being worked at that moment uncovered. Please note that aromatherapy massage is a gentle, relaxing, massage that does not involve deep tissue or invigorating movements – the essential oils do the work.


After your first massage you will be given an aftercare leaflet which you will be asked to read and we will discuss how you can continue the beneficial effects of the massage at home. You can have a single massage but regular sessions may give more benefits. If you wish to continue, we will discuss a plan to suit you. For example, you could need 1 massage per week for 4 weeks, reducing to fortnightly massages, and eventually 1 every 4-6 weeks to maintain a relaxed and stress-free state.


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