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Norfolk Honey Facial

Honey is a wonderful ingredient to use to fight dry skin and to help rejuvenate and moisturise it, which may lead to fewer fine lines and fine wrinkles. Honey also contains alpha hydroxy acids, which help to gently exfoliate the skin. It is an ideal product for people with sensitive skin and is often used to combat the formation of pimples. It is no wonder so many facial mask recipes include honey in their ingredients. Honey is suitable for use on all skin types however, not just dry and sensitive and is also safe to receive during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.  See my Mum2b Therapies page for more options for the pregnant woman.   

What will happen during my Facial?

First we will conduct a skin type assessment questionnaire to ensure I know what your skin needs. I will use pure aromatherapy products from Neal's Yard Remedies organics range to cleanse and tone. These very natural products are vegan friendly, parabens free and not tested on animals.  Your pores will be opened by the application of warmed flannels and warmed Norfolk produced honey will then be applied. I will gently work the honey in using my fingers to exfoliate your skin and then leave it for around 10 minutes to work as a face mask.


At this point you can have eye pads with a soothing eye lotion placed on your eyes to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. While the mask works I will give your hands a short massage using a carrier oil with an essential oil in it. I will use warmed mitts and warm water to remove the honey and then apply a day moisturiser suitable for your skin type and an eye treatment, working these in using gentle facial massage techniques.


Cocoa Rose Facial

This is a rejuvenating and exotic blend of pure cocoa and essential rose oils.  The facial is packed with anti-oxidants and minerals which help to soften, nourish and moisturise delicate facial skin and the aromas are, quite simply, divine. Suitable for all skin types this smooth, rich chocolate treatment contains naturally occurring calcium, potassium and magnesium which, together with the beautifully fragrant rose and vanilla oil, will penetrate and re-mineralise tired skin.  Relax and luxuriate in the unique scent of the exotic east while a gentle facial massage helps to revitalize both your complexion and your mood – leaving you with a delicious feeling of well-being and your skin looking refreshed and luminous.

What will happen during my Facial?

First we will conduct a skin type assessment questionnaire to ensure I know what your skin needs. I will use pure cocoa rose facial products from Cognito Spa to pamper your skin. These very natural products are hand made in Suffolk in small batches to ensure freshness and effectivelness and they contain natural, vegetarian friendly, parabens free ingredients that are not tested on animals.  Rose and vanilla cleansing balm is followed by cocoa rose facial polish, a facial massage with rose and vanilla facial oil, milk chocolate truffle mask and white chocolate and rose moisturiser to finish.  Scentsational!


Aromatherapy Facials

Your skin reflects your inner health and well being which means it is important to treat it kindly with nutritious and natural ingredients. An aromatherapy facial using essential oil based products and cold pressed unscented carrier oils will help maintain a glowing complexion.An aromatherapy facial will deep cleanse and refine your skin, raise moisture levels and help reduce the signs of ageing. The treatment includes a hand, arm, facial and scalp massage to aid relaxation and lower stress levels.  Your first facial with me will take around 1.5 hours to allow for the skin type assessment, selection of products and blending of the appropriate massage oils.

You can choose between two facials: Rejuvenating Frankincense for dry and mature skin or Radiant Rose for normal skin. 

What will happen during my Facial?

You will first complete a skin type assessment questionnaire to help me understand what your skin needs. I will then ensure I use the right Neal's Yard Remedies organics products for your skin type and blend a massage oil to use for the hand, arm, face and scalp massage that forms part of the facial. These products are vegan friendly, parabens free and are not tested on animals.


Your skin will be double cleansed and an alcohol free toner will be used to remove any last traces of the cleanser. Exfoliator will be massaged in to lift dead skin cells and removed with damp cotton wool pads and warmed lavender essential oil infused mitts. Your skin will be toned again to remove any final traces of the exfoliator. Then your pores will be opened by facial brushing and/or steaming. After this you will receive a face massage using a facial massage oil.  A face pack will then be applied. Your eyes will get some tlc too with the application of cotton wool pads dampened with a soothing eye lotion to reduce dark circles, held in place with a lavender scented eye pad.  While the face pack works you will receive a hand and arm massage using grapeseed carrier oil containing a skin nourishing essential oil and added Vitamin E to moisturise your skin or a hand cream. The face pack will be removed with warmed lavender infused mitts and dampened sponges. A final application of toner will be given and an eye treatment and a day moisturiser will be applied to caress your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.  Bliss!


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