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This wonderful, luxurious, mind and body therapy is loosely based on the traditional Hammam cleansing ritual practiced by Moroccan women. Hammam means ‘spreader of warmth’ in Arabic. This therapy includes body brushing, warm water, soaping, exfoliation, hot mitts and a massage with warm wax from a special lighted candle containing shea and cocoa butters, essential oils and the ‘liquid gold’ of oils – argan oil. After body brushing, the application of a traditional Moroccan black vegetable soap, exfoliation and cleansing with essential oil infused hot mitts, the melted wax is drizzled on to the skin and massaged in with gentle and soothing massage strokes. The wax’s temperature is like a warm bath and after it is applied the skin will feel soft, nourished and lightly scented.

You have the choice of a full body massage excluding the face and scalp which lasts for 1 hour OR a full body plus face/scalp massage which lasts for 1½ hours.


How might Candle Light Massage help me?


This is NOT a deep tissue massage. The aim is to help you chill out and ground yourself. If you are stressed then this warming massage may help you relax.

The soaping with traditional black Beldi soap and exfoliation will encourage the removal of dead skin cells to aid new skin growth. The specially designed rich massage candle wax will moisturise your skin deeply. These candles are specially made in Scotland and contain wonderful natural ingredients such as environmentally friendly soya wax and argan oil. The candles also contain essential oils such as grapefruit, lavender and rosemary and shea and cocoa butters. The candles have a low melting point and will not burn the skin.

Argan oil is used for the face/scalp massage in the 1½ hour massage. According to your skin type a drop of an appropriate essential oil such as rose damask or frankincense will be added to the argan oil to maximise the benefits for you. Argan oil is from Morocco and is said to have age-defying and restorative properties. It is rich in anti oxidants and vitamin E.

To add to the authentic Moroccan feel of this massage the black Beldi soap and argan oil used come from a company that supports Moroccan Berber women who work in co-operatives to create a dependable source of income, improve their financial independence and gain better access to healthcare and education. Many of the products I use carry the Ecocert mark; a European certification body promoting sustainable development.

VERY IMPORTANT: argan oil comes from a nut so those with a nut allergy or intolerance should not experience this therapy. The candles contain soya wax and may not be suitable for use on those with a soya intolerance.


What will happen during my Candle Light Massage?


The session begins with you choosing a scented candle for your massage. Throughout the Candle Light Massage hot mitts and towels will be used to warm and open your skin’s pores. Each part of your body will be individually body brushed and the traditional black Beldi vegetable based soap scented with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory eucalyptus oil will be worked into your skin to cleanse and invigorate. This soap has the texture of butter. It is a natural vegetable paste with a base of black olives which are naturally rich in vitamin E.

Traditional Kessa mitts will be used to exfoliate and remove dead skin and impurities. After the exfoliation (gommage) you will receive a flowing and deeply relaxing massage using the warm liquid candle ‘wax’, which is drizzled onto your skin and worked in using a variety of gentle and soothing massage techniques.

This is a gorgeous, pampering, mind and whole body experience which should leave you feeling comforted, relaxed and grounded again.

Overall, a blissful treat for your body!


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