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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage
A gentle detoxifying massage to help maintain a healthy body



What is MLD?

MLD is a specialised form of massage which uses very light, rhythmic, pumping, circular hand movements to encourage lymph fluid to move through the lymphatic system via the lymph nodes. Lymph fluid is filtered and cleaned of waste, toxins and bacteria in the lymph nodes before being returned to the blood. The lymphatic system plays an important role in maintaining immunity and circulating hormones. MLD is an extremely gentle and relaxing massage that is a very different experience to normal therapeutic massage. It has to be performed very slowly and in a speciic routine/direction to be effective. For this reason a session is a minimum of 1 hour long and very focussed on the specific area(s) needing attention.

I work alongside a medical team who guide me to support their work with cancer patients with lymphoedema at Star Throwers cancer support centre in Wymondham, South Norfolk. Feel free to contact me for more information.  I do not claim that MLD massage will cure lymphatic system disorders but it may support anyone living with such conditions.  This massage is never a substitute for professional medical advice.    

MLD’s effects are often cumulative and felt more strongly over a course of massages; however, one session may help. A course of 5 sessions is often beneficial but we will discuss your specific needs and decide what is right for you. 

How might MLD help me?


MLD is belived to support people living with:

•   Swellings (oedema) as a result of injury or other causes

•   Sinus disorders

•  Fertility issues: combining MLD with reflexology may support women or couples through their journey

•   Immune system disorders

•   Sress and anxiety disorders 

MLD may be useful, with your doctor's agreement, pre- and post-operation to boost immunity, speed recovery and assist with preventing scar tissue formation.

What will happen during my MLD session? 


First you will fill in a consultation form. We will then discuss your needs and agree a plan for your session(s). You will remove only the necessary clothes, lie on the therapy couch and be covered with towels and blankets. Only the limb being worked on will be uncovered. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the massage!  

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