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Reflexology is a complementary therapy with its origins in ancient Egypt.It is based on the belief that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which are thought to correspond to all organs and parts of the body.   Reflexology is on offer in my Wymondham, South Norfolk, based therapy room for individuals who want relaxation and need support to help them live with everyday stresses and tensions.  If you would like to learn more about how these reflexes are believed to be mapped to the body then you may find this interactive foot map from the Association of Reflexologists useful.

hot stone reflexology session adds the benefits of therapeutic warmth from hot stones to the balancing effects of regular reflexology.  This therapy is a real treat for your feet; they are encased in warmth and stress reducing techniques applied. The warmth from the hot stones penetrates deeply and is believed to be more effective than a therapist's hands alone.


How might Reflexology help me?


Reflexology can be a wonderfully relaxing experience where you can take time out from everyday pressures. My expert touch will help you relax which can help improve mood, aid sleep and relieve tension. The result is an overall sense of wellbeing.  Anecdotally, reflexologists belive they may support people living with nervous conditions, digestive disorders, muscular and joint disorders, stress and anxiety, tiredness, circulatory disorders, hormonal imbalances and fertility issues.  Reflexology, like any other complementary therapy, is not a substitute for medical advice or medication and you should consult your doctor if you are considering trying it for specific issues such as infertility.

What will happen during my session?


During a typical reflexology session I will take a detailed medical history and discuss your needs with you so that I can determine the appropriate reflexes to concentrate on. Sessions are usually performed on my couch or a comfortable reclining chair.  You will be asked to remove footwear and socks and, apart from your bare feet, you remain fully clothed.  

I will make a visual and tactile check of your feet before applying relaxation techniques to warm up your feet.  Then I begin the precise reflexology massage movements. I use a specially formulated reflexology foot balme from Tui which makes it easier to perform these movements. The minty fresh or lavender balms are cooling, cleansing and stimulating for the feet. The particular types of movements involved require the application of an appropriate pressure using the thumb and fingers and you will be asked for your feedback to ensure you are comfortable. I finish the session with a relaxing foot massage. I will make notes on a special chart as I work the reflexes.  The session lasts around 50 minutes to 1 hour (at least 1 hour for the first session to include your consultation).  



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